I believe my practice to be an extension ministry of local Church and Pastoral ministries. My ministry call is in helping the lost and wandering soul to become the person God desires him or her to become according to the promises and instructions of His Word. I believe in a Christ-centered form of counseling that is based on solid Biblical principles. Difficult and troubling circumstances are identified and answered with the Truth of God’s Word. Each client appointment is viewed as a God appointed meeting with the opportunity to help hurting individuals; couples or families overcome their struggles and challenges in life.

Christian vs. Secular Counseling

I am often asked about the differences between “Christian” and “Secular” counseling. Although there are numerous qualified Christians in the counseling profession, not all counselors provide true Christian counsel and guidance with the use of Biblical scripture. Unfortunately, many University educational programs discourage the use of Christian and religious approaches during counseling sessions.

Christian guided counseling uses biblical scripture in application to any presenting problem for its solutions. Christian counsel encourages clients to explore scriptural references to help them make sense out of the trials and troubles they face. Children and adolescents are shown what God says about their trouble and how He is helping them in their circumstances.

Parents are encouraged with practical skills to raise their children and adolescents using God’s principles. Parents are shown Godly approaches through biblical scripture with clinical strategies to help meet the challenges of their child’s or adolescent’s difficulties.

Couples who are married or considering marriage are guided to scripture to consider the God-intended roles of husbands and wives for them to have success in their marriage commitment. They are shown how to keep God at the center of their marriage.

Individuals struggling with personal issues and/or persistent mental health challenges are reminded of God’s gracious forgiveness, as well as their own accountability. Effective clinical strategies and coping skills are taught and practiced for the individual to overcome their personal challenges.

Practice Areas

  • Play Therapy
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Child & Individual Counseling
  • Counseling Services
  • Counselors-Licensed Professional
  • Mental Health Services

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